When you really need confidence and support for feminity.

We are put through many trials by life, we have to fight struggled and all power consuming fight, in which our self-condifence, feminity suffers mistake, it runs out, we forget it or we just don’t investigate with it. In 2016 8660 breast cancer cases were diagnosed in Hungary. There are almost no people who are not affected by their family or their immediate environment. The majority of women, who have undergone mastectomy, after healing, are confronted with a very serious bodily change which acceptance gives them another challenge.

Pink ribbon post

Women who use a breast prosthesis have fewer options when it comes to swimwear, bikinis or lingerie. They need most is a comfortable but feminine and beautiful swimsuit to enjoy their vacation or bathing again. The Seachili Pink Ribbon Collection helps with this, which are essential parts of the entire offer, the models look exactly like the “normal” pieces, and do not different in appearance.

The design and production of the Pink Ribbon – breast prosthesis swimsuits – is preceded by careful material selection and a thorough professional design. As a result of this the person who wears it cannot feel herself uncertain even for a moment when doing sport or any active exercises, no need to worry about your prosthesis moving or your swimsuit is not where it should be.

All the tops are created in a way so that the prosthesis can be put in easily and they keep it steadily. Small details are the key to safety that can only be achieved through high quality manufacturing, proper technology and expert design. Seachili Pink Ribbon Collection pieces provide self-confidence, assurance and comfort for those women who has the biggest need for this.

You’ll also find the first models of the Seachili Pink Ribbon 2020 summer collection from November at www.seachili.com.

* Source: National Institute of Oncology Cancer Registry Statistics