Seachili Bikini – Made from Europe

Each piece of the Seachili’s collection is literally European. Not only the raw material but also the supplies come by the best European technicians and manufacturers, and the production also takes place in Europe,which is unfortunately increasingly rare in any fashion industry.

Why do we find it important to know this?We have created the Seachili collection for conscious customers who are aware of the importance of quality and its price.It is not just about value in money. These are factors in which you cannot and impossible to make compromise,if we really want to offer our customers a truly high quality, wearable over multiple seasons,comfortable and demanding product. For this delicate, hard-to-sew and heavy-duty (sun, water, wind) product that is especially powerfully true.

The first and most important thing is the unquestionable quality of the raw material. When making the Seachili collection, we work only with European raw material supplier partners who select their products according to strict criteria, and quality is also their top priority. Besides, they also have to keep up with current fashion trends, and they must also be ready to produce the raw materials by we design.

One of the most precise and accurate work of professionals is demanded by assembly, sewing of swimsuit. Therefore, it does not matter under what conditions, under what direction of professionals, what quality control processes and where the production takes place. Seachili bikinis are made in the heart of Europe by a team of professionals who sew the pieces using decades of professional experience, high level of skill and precision, so that the bikinis can fit their wearers giving them the feeling that they have been poured on them.

web shop opening: November 2019