Choosing a bikini and swimwear is probably one of the most hardest and one of the most important choice for a woman. It is difficult, because in swimwear it is not possible to typecast our bodies. Every female figure is different, so it is impossible to determine numbers and standard sizes strictly. While for an item of clothing a few centimeters difference at the hips or breasts does not mean a problem, a bikini will be visible immediately if it does not fit perfectly. It is important, because the body is displayed in a storefront, a vacation should not be ruined by our uncomfortable or unbecoming swimsuit.

How many times have we ever seen a mannequin in a bikini that looks so perfect, but it didn’t look like a good choice in the mirror anymore, or the quickly chosen and purchased “must be good size” swimsuit on the beach has become a real nightmare. It slipped off, pinched, flattened or does not covered enough. What does a woman think then? I have small breasts, big buttocks, wide hips, no waist. The swimsuit is not the fault, as it was expensive, branded and on the model is perfectly fit.

Oh, what a mistake this is. Believe me, your body is not the fault. Your body is beautiful, unique and unrepeatable with its own little imperfections. We are all different and different in our own way. Don’t try to adjust your body to the precise measurement, but choose from a swimwear collection that offers the perfect solution for your figure, in your opinion your small breasts, in your opinion your big buttocks, and in your opinion your wide hips. The right style and size will fit you perfectly and there will not be too small or too big. It’s just going to make you feel good and that’s what really matters.

When designing the Seachili collection, we consciously choose patterns and styles that emphasize or discreetly cover just where and exactly how. You wouldn’t even think that a color or pattern can influence the vision. The right size is essential for a good choice, so we offer tops from A to F cup sizes in 18 different styles, and bottoms between sizes 36-44 in 7 styles, of which you will surely find the perfect match for you.

That’s why Seachili is “body positive”. The bikini is gone by to you, not your body to the bikini. It is perfect as it is.