Pink ribbon

We believe that every woman deserves self-confidence, especially when she is over a hard period of struggle. That is why the Pink Ribbon collection with pieces that can be worn by women who have overcome the breast cancer and use breast prosthesis are essential parts of the Seachili collection.

The Pink Ribbon swimsuit is not different in appearance from our other products, but – thanks to careful material selection, thorough design, advanced technology and trimmings – inside it contains all the essential things that are needed to keep the prosthesis perfectly. This hidden, precise interior design enables that the person who wears it cannot feel herself uncertain even for a moment when doing sport or any active exercises on the beach.

Since the most important thing for us is that you dare to wear the Seachili pieces with confidence and brave!

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we loveour customers

  • I chose my bikini top and bottom from two different colors and these are matching perfectly together. What I especially like about it, is that I can wear the top with and without straps: so I can slide in it, and when sunbathing, I just unhook the strap and so I get a stripless tan.

  • It is clear to me that It is the capital Bikini! As incredibly beautiful as it is comfortable to wear! It does not tight, does not cut, does not move, does not stick out, it seems that you were wearing your own skin! Unlike other swimwear, I have never felt the need to adjust myself because it does not fit perfectly! For me, with this feeling of comfort, nothing can fight.

  • For me, Seachili is a comfortable way to wear every day, thanks to the special color scheme and quality materials. I can feel woman and relaxed at the same time. Although it is a swimwear, I like to make my daily outfit unique with it. I strongly recommend it, because besides comfort, everyone will feel unique and confident wearing your own Seachili swimwear!

  • I love my Seachili bikini, because it’s sporty while feminine, just like me! It was a perfect choice.