Shipping Info

Time and method of the delivery, the transfer of ownership

Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered Product – through its contracted partners, who perform the shipping – to the address in Hungary or in abroad, which the Buyer provided during the process of placing the Order.

Seller shall inform the Buyer in advance of the expected time of delivery of the Product, however, notices and communications regarding the delivery of the Products, in particular the expected time of delivery, are for information only and shall not become part of the contract Based on this, neither the Seller nor the Buyer shall be entitled to claim damages from the other party in the event of the failure of delivery or failure to meet any of the declarations and information made regarding the delivery.

The Seller shall ensure that the ordered Product is properly packaged and that the accompanying documents are sent.

The Seller undertakes to deliver to the following addresses in Hungary and abroad:

(I) Germany
(II) Poland
(III) Austria
(IV) Czech Republic
(V) Romania
(VI) Slovakia
(VII) Italy
(VIII) Spain
(IX) Belgium
(X) Finland
(XI) Denmark
(XII) United Kingdom
(XIII) Greece
(XIV) France
(XV) Netherlands
(XVI) Croatia
(XVII) Portugal
(XVIII) Slovenia
(XIX) Bulgaria
(XX) Ireland
(XXI) Liechtenstein
(XXII) Luxembourg
(XXIII) Sweden

The Order shall be delivered within 5 (five) business days as of the confirmation of the offer for the Order by courier service to the delivery address given by the Buyer in Hungary, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on working days and to the international delivery address within 10 (ten) business days as of confirmation, by courier service on weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. The Buyer will receive a notice in e-mail at least on the day before the delivery, which contains information about the expected date, and the expected time of the delivery, but this notice is only informative, and it shall not become the part of the Contract. If the date of the delivery is not suitable for the Buyer, the Buyer is entitled to request once the amendment of the delivery date.

If the Buyer does not receive a package, the Buyer shall pay the costs of the shipping and the costs of the reshipment.

The ownership of the Product shall transfer to the Buyer upon the payment of the full purchase price.

Shipping informations

When shipping the Product the package always contains:

(I) the ordered Product;
(II) the invoice related to the Product;
(III) the full documentation, which is required in the destination country;
(IV) the informal – and marketing materials.

The quantitative and qualitative takeover of the Products shall take place by the Buyer at the time of the delivery, in the presence of the courier. In connection with this, the Buyer shall, at the same time as unpacking the package, make sure in the presence of the courier that the Product is not defected. If the Buyer realises at the time of the unpacking, that the Product is defected, or that has aesthetic or other failure, the Buyer shall refuse to hand over the Product or the Products and shall return the Product by the courier by filling out the necessary form.

The Seller does not accept the subsequent reclamation, related to which no minutes (handover protocol) exist.

The loss, partial loss, damage or destruction of the consignment shall be indicated on the delivery note immediately upon delivery. Failure to do so shall result in forfeiture. In the absence of a delivery document, the damage shall be reported to the post office within three (3) days from the date of delivery, by other documents pertaining to the postal item.

The Seller shall not be liable for any shipment.