Shopping FAQ

Purchase offer, order, processing of order

If you wish to order a Product, you can place the selected Product in the Shopping Basket by clicking on the “Add to Basket” button for that Product’s image. The Products placed in the contents of the Basket shall be at the Buyer’s disposal for 15 (fifteen) minutes, after which the Basket shall be automatically updated (emptied) and the Buyer has to re-select the Product to be ordered. If, due to the expiry of the availability period, the Product in the Basket is no longer available for re-selection, the Seller shall have no liability in this respect.

Adding the Product (s) to Basket does not constitute a finalization of the purchase offer.

By using the Basket menu the contents of the Basket can be checked, edited, the quantity of the specified items can be checked, the individual items can be deleted at any time.

After the compilation of the Basket, the data required for the execution of the Order and billing shall be provided and the payment and delivery method shall be chosen. By clicking the “Order” button the purchase offer shall be considered final. By finalizing the purchase offer, the Buyer declares that it is aware of this GTC and the data processing information, acknowledges that its contents are binding, that the data provided by it for the Purchase Order are true and that it expressly agrees that the Seller shall use, transmit, manage, and, if necessary, contact the Buyer through any of the contact details provided by the Buyer for the fulfillment of the Purchase Order. By finalizing the purchase offer, the Buyer undertakes to settle the counter-value of the Order in the payment method specified by the Buyer, failing to do so the Seller may refuse to fulfill the Order.

Purchase Offers are processed on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00. It is possible to make a purchase offer outside the times indicated in the processing of the purchase offer, however, in this case it will be processed on the next working day.

Seller reserves the right to use the services of a third party in connection with the fulfillment of the Purchase Order, with or without prior notice to the Buyer. This does not require the Buyer’s consent, but Seller undertakes to fully comply with the terms of the agreement concluded with the Buyer.

Seller confirms finalized Order by email or rejects the Client’s purchase offer by email. The agreement between the Seller and Buyer is concluded when the Buyer receives the confirmation on the acceptance of the Order via e-mail from the Seller, which also contains the notice on the handover of the Products ordered by the Client to the courier service.

The automatic system message sent to the Client by email after placing the Order is for informational purposes only and does not imply confirmation of the Order by the Seller.

In the case of online payments (online credit card payment or bank transfer), Seller is not responsible for any additional costs incurred by the Buyer depending on the payment method chosen by the Buyer or the Buyer’s card issuer bank (in particular, but not limited to foreign currency exchange rate, other costs). The Buyer is responsible for the consequences of the chosen method of payment.

Seller is entitled to refuse the Client’s purchase offer

(i) in the absence of solvency guarantees;

(ii) in case of defective or wrong Order;

(iii) when there is a shortage of supplies.

In addition to the above, Seller has the right to refuse a Purchase Offer from a Client with whom it has been involved in a lawsuit or dispute based on its previously placed Purchase Order, or any Client that Seller finds ineligible for violating the terms and conditions for online purchases contained in these GTC, or a Client who, to the best of its knowledge, has previously engaged in fraudulent transactions.

Seller reserves the right to refuse Client’s purchase offer without justification. Seller is also entitled to confirm less of the quantity of Products in the Order – depending on availability. Buyer shall be notified of this by e-mail. In such case, Seller shall refund to Buyer the purchase price of Products already paid by Buyer but not confirmed by Seller. Buyer shall be notified of this by e-mail.

Seller undertakes to repay the purchase price in the following ways:

(i) If the Buyer has paid the Order by online credit card payment, the refund shall also be refunded to the credit card issuing financial institution at the Seller’s request made to its online payment partner.

(ii) If the Buyer has paid the Order by bank wire transfer, the purchase price shall be refunded by bank wire transfer to the bank account specified by the Buyer.

Bank transfer requires an international format (IBAN) bank account number and account holder name.

The Seller may withhold the reimbursement of the purchase price until the Product ordered is returned to the Seller. Buyer shall immediately (but not later than 14 days after the notification) take action to return the Product to the Seller upon notification of the cancellation.

If the Seller is unable to deliver the Product (s) ordered by the Buyer, it shall inform the Buyer thereof and refund the Purchase Order within 7 days if it has been paid and the buyer has stated and accepted the fact of termination. The parties may also agree to reschedule and / or modify the order fulfillment.

Seller – by simultaneously notifying the Buyer and without legal consequences – may refuse the Client’s purchase offer in the following cases:

(i) if the Buyer has selected an online payment method and the transaction is not authorized by the card issuing financial institution;

(ii) if the Buyer has selected an online payment method and the online payment partner is unable to validate the transaction;

(iii) if the information provided by the Buyer is not accurate, incomplete or does not allow confirmation and fulfillment of the Order.