The birth of the Seachili brand is based on many years of professional experience, confident technological knowledge, and high quality, decades-old international manufacturing routine, thanks primarily to founder, Seachili brand creator Judit Viola. Judit’s passion is her work, which has been doing for many years with perseverance, precision and only the highest expectations,as a result, her team has been entrusted with producing the best brands for years.Personal experience and lots of work are ripened then for the realization of one’s own concept, this is how the idea of a swimwear collection was born, which breaks classical precise measurement and emphasizing the female figure.

I don’t make compromises, especially when it comes to swimsuit. I know how vulnerable many women are in their swimsuits because they think they don’t have the perfect figure. When my own brand was born, I have decided to design only pieces that will help women to feel naturally and confident when wearing a swimsuit. That’s why my collection was inspired not by models of precise measurements, but by real, common women.For those who might even have a problem buying a swimsuit top and bottom together. Because a size 38 top may be good, but a bottom one already tightens a little – it’s such a compromise that no one should make, because no one feels comfortable in a tight bikini bottom.

To make a swimsuit fit perfectly and comfortable to wear, it is essential to design and manufacture based on professional knowledge. The exact definition and selection of raw material, design and manufacturing technology, its harmony is essential for the realization of such a collection.

That’s why it’s important how we design and make a piece.No matter what technology solution we choose, for a top to be attractive and comfortable for the wearer, and the matching of design and a pattern is a cardinal point that is not emphasized enough by designers. I also look for the perfect solutions to these issues and create a Seachili bikini that fits the wearer in a way which really feels like it has been poured on the person.

Look for the Seachili’s 2020 Summer Collection from November at